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Use Roll Call to get your response off to a strong start.

Roll Call is a great feature we delivered a couple of years ago that allows your members to respond to messages they receive from Connect Rocket. You members can respond to Roll Call via a simple text message or using their telephone keypad. That means your members don’t need an app, a username or a password to use Roll Call – they just need to be able to send a text message or punch a number on their telephone keypad. This makes using Roll Call simple, safe and fast.

As with all of our features, Roll Call has been built in a way that allows tremendous flexibility with implementation. We have customers that use Roll Call to obtain immediate insight into which of their members are responding to calls. Using Roll call in this manner allows senior personnel to deal with more pressing issues while Connect Rocket aggregates all of the responses in the early stage of an incident. When it’s convenient to check on available resources, a quick look at the Roll Call yields critical information on member availability.


Roll Call is also used to do status checks on members on a periodic basis and can be used for polling your members. There’s no one way to use Roll Call and our customers are constantly finding new and innovative ways to improve their operations with this great feature.

If you’re not using Roll Call, connect with us and we’ll show you how your organization can benefit from this great tool.