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Fort McMurray Fire – Free Accounts

We’ve been on the front lines at many large interface fires with substantial structure loss and words can’t do justice to the level of devastation that can done in mere minutes. These types of events not only cause immediate property loss, risk life and limb but leave a mark on the landscape and on residents that can take years to recover from.

We know from experience that internal communication with various agencies and volunteers as well as communication with evacuees is critical in the days and weeks ahead. We also know that many traditional tools aren’t well suited to the task. For this reason and because it’s the neighbourly thing to do, we’re offering free Connect Rocket and Connect Rocket Community accounts to anyone in the fire affected area or in the path of this large and destructive wildfire.

There will be no charge to set-up or maintain the accounts for the duration of the incident. Account holders will pay only for usage, billed at our cost (much of which we expect can be recovered from the Provincial Government). At such time as the risk has passed and the communication burden has eased, the accounts can be decommissioned at no charge.

Our team is available to configure accounts immediately. If you’d like to explore this option for your community, please call us at 1 (888) 256-3009 for assistance.