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About Us

Who we are

We’re on a mission to provide the fastest and most reliable incident tasking and operational communications tools for emergency services teams.

Connect Rocket was originally conceived as a more reliable tasking tool for what was then the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary. Later adopted for Search and Rescue and other emergency services roles, Connect Rocket grew to become a leader in operational tasking and communications. During the years leading up to the launch of Connect Rocket, the founders worked extensively in emergency services throughout North America and Europe in both operational and teaching roles. Combined with experience in software development the team was well positioned to do some great work for fellow responders.

Out of the gate, Connect Rocket committed to building and maintaining an application with input from a diverse group of emergency service customers from around the world. The resulting service contributes to faster, more efficient and safer responses for emergency services personnel of all stripes.

Headquartered out of Vancouver, B.C. the company is independent and profitable - answering only to customers.