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Connect Rocket Team’s Multi-Channel Messaging platform is a class leading solution for internal team communications. Designed to be extremely flexible, Connect Rocket can deliver and automate voice calls, text messages, text-to-voice calls and e-mail.

Application Highlights

Tasking Lines

Instantly know when a response is needed. Tasking lines capture dispatch information in real time and forward it to key personnel while simultaneously joining them into a conference call.

  • No middlemen. Direct connection to Tasking Agency.
  • Messages are relayed via voice call and text message.
  • Excellent replacement for expensive voice pager systems.



On-Demand Conference Calling

Conference calls are simple and lightning fast with Connect Rocket. Just determine who you want to call and within moments your key decision makers are talking.

  • Make quick decisions and respond more effectively.
  • No Passcodes or dial in numbers for participants.
  • Initiate calls by telephone or web application.

Multi-Channel Messaging (MCM)

MCM relies on text-to-voice calls, text messaging and email to ensure that even under the most demanding conditions your message has the best chance for delivery.

  • Share critical information with small and large groups.
  • Delivery to the broadest range of devices and locations.
  • Send messages via text, e-mail or web application.



Activation Codes

Activation Codes leverage ‘if this then that’ logic to trigger workflows to initiate conference calls, send text messages, place text-to-voice calls and/or e-mail to one or multiple lists.

  • Streamline critical workflows like tasking.
  • Create as many unique codes as you need.
  • Initiate using telephone, text message or the web app.

Duty Manager

Provide members of your organization with the ability to control inbound calls and messages based on their status as either On Duty or Off Duty.

  • Maintain status via text or the web application.
  • Prevent delivery of calls and messages in off hours .
  • Obtain availability numbers via text message.



Roll Call

Rely on Roll Call to quickly understand what resources are available and when they’ll be deployable for a given situation.

  • Reply by text message or telephone keypad.
  • View aggregated member replies to questions.
  • Plan more appropriate responses based on availability.

Activity Reporting

Track all activity associated with your account for easy reference. Know when calls were made or messages sent. Quickly know who joined a call or who didn’t pick up.

  • Detailed audit trail of all account activity.
  • Monitor application data in real time.
  • Obtain key metrics to gauge response performance.



Custom Greetings

Meet your unique operational requirements with customized greetings and assign them to your Connect Rocket phone lines.

  • Record custom greetings for multiple phone lines.
  • Customize your hold message for callers.
  • Update messages for changing situations in seconds.

Find them fast

Leverage onboard GPS to find the location of a mobile device in seconds.

  • Pinpoint the location of lost subjects in seconds.
  • Help subjects self-rescue by guiding them back home.
  • Save time, money and better direct resources.


Unlimited Online Support

Need help? We provide all Accounts with unlimited access to fast friendly customer service via our website.

  • Submit your own question for a quick response.
  • Talk to a human being for more complex issues.
  • All support staff are experienced first responders.