Built with purpose.

Tested on the frontline.

Always improving.

We know emergency response.

We understand the urgency and complexity of your job because it’s ours also. Our team has extensive experience on the frontline. We've fought fire, responded to medicals, tackled the darkest seas and highest mountains. Between us, we’ve seen or done about all there is to do in emergency services.

Because we’ve stood in your shoes, we “get it” and can leverage our experience to ensure you get the tools and support you need to do your job more efficiently and with improved safety.


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We're in with you

We make tools for the world's finest first responders.

We started building custom software before developing a dispatch solution for our own marine and land SAR needs. As other agencies began to seek out our expertise and request access to similar tools, we launched the company that is now Connect Rocket.

Over the years we’ve expanded our products and the number of customers we serve. Today we handle operational and emergency communications for a diverse group of customers including some of the finest emergency services organizations in the world.

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