Connect Rocket for Communities

Mass Notification for small and mid size communities.

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Easy, speedy public notifications you can adapt and afford.

It's like a really big, really smart button
Get the Word Out Quicker
Notify residents and visitors with ease.
  • Send notifications on demand.
  • Notify by phone call, text message and e-mail.
  • Reach everyone or just specific groups.
  • Use prepared notifications to save time.
  • Preview notifications before sending.
"Connect Rocket was easy to learn and is cost-effective to maintain proficiency on. When needed, we're confident that our alerts are getting into the right hands at the right time."
- Erin Patrick, Emergency Manager

"Everything you need. Nothing you don't."

Connect Rocket Community is designed to be simple and easy to use.

Easy Enrollment for Residents and Visitors

Our enrollment process has been built to be easy to use. This translates to effortless onboarding and high participation rates for residents and visitors.

Empower Residents
Residents and visitors can self enroll and manage their account details online using a custom branded web portal.
Connect with Visitors
Visitors can sign up to receive notifications for the duration of their visit to your community. Enrollments automatically expire at the end of their visit.

Public Groups

Create temporary groups for citizens impacted by emergencies. Once opted-in they can receive updates and news through their mobile device.

Scalable and Lightweight
Citizens can enroll in Public Groups with a simple text message using customizable key words.
Segregation of Groups
Public Groups are created separately from your resident and visitor groups to help you keep things organized.
See how Rocketville SAR is using Connect Rocket
Connect Rocket Community has enabled us to reach our citizens faster than ever before without causing the mass panic that is normally associated with sirens.
Marko Kessler, Manager of IT Operations City of Prince Rupert Contact us to learn more


City of Vancouver
The City of Victoria

Connect Rocket Community Pricing

Connect Rocket charges a monthly base rate. Then, just pay for what you use.

Base Rate
per month, for the first 1,000 contacts *
+ $0.03/month for each additional contact *
Pay for what you use (voice, text & e-mail)
per minute of calling *

per text message *
Base Rate
per month, for the first 1,000 contacts
+ $0.04/month for each additional contact
Pay for what you use (voice, text & e-mail)
per minute of calling

per text message

* Approximate conversion to USD, invoices sent in Canadian Dollars. US & Canadian numbers. Visit support for international rates. Prices do not include tax or telecommunications industry surcharges.

All Accounts Include

  • Dedicated phone number
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Unlimited Groups
  • Prepared Notifications
  • Account Set-up
  • Branded Enrollment Site
  • Online Support

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