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Connect Rocket

Connect Rocket was founded back in 2010. We started building custom software before developing a dispatch solution for marine and land search and rescue. Over the years we’ve grown our products and the number of customers we serve. Today we handle an ever increasing number of calls and messages and support a diverse group of customers including some of the most progressive emergency services organizations in the world.

Purpose Built and Relentlessly Focussed

We’ve structured our business to be resilient – relying on a distributed workforce as well as redundant systems and networks. We hire great people, treat them right, maintain strict financial controls and invest in customer service. As a privately-owned and profitable company we’re accountable only to our customers and have big plans for the future.

Keeping it Simple

We bet big on simplicity and build software with ease of use in mind. Through careful consideration we distill complex demands into a curated set of features that are easy-to-use, effective and free of clutter. This focus applies not only to our products but also to the day-to-day management of our company.

We do what you do

Our entire team has experience on the frontline. From fighting structure fires, to medical response, marine and tech rescue operations we’ve seen and done it all. Because we’ve been there, we “get it” and can leverage our first hand experience to build better software.

We’re in it with you

If you have a general question about Connect Rocket, you can email us at [email protected] and we’ll be sure to get right back to you. If you’re a customer, and you need some help, send an email to [email protected] and our team we’ll make sure you get sorted out.